As it is, you believe I a…

As it is, you believe I am not coming for
many years and you berate MY true bride who seeks and
acknowledges MY Truth. – JESUS


You evil generation of half-hearted, lukewarm, distant, world-loving

followers: if you don’t come after ME, your GOD, with a full-strength

commitment, full repentance for your worldly adultery and

come after ME with a love that is true and honest instead of rote and

pretend, I will have no choice but to leave you behind to face an

enemy that will destroy you with one glance. HE will see through

you and by the time you understand what has happened, that I have

come and retrieved MY true followers and left you behind, it will be

too late to make it back to ME and MY Kingdom.


About idasolis

A retired corporate personnel, a natural health practitioner.
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