Sauna: its benefits or hazards

Sauna: its benefits and its hazards

The finalist and semi finalist in a sauna contest, a Russian and Finnish respectively in their middle age, died; reason unknown yet.

The sauna was heated at 110 degrees Fahrenheit or 23 degrees Celsius. Whoever comes out the last is the winner.

For more of the news on the sauna contest tragedy, go to:

I used to go to sauna after work once a week when I was in my 20’s. I found it tension buster. But at middle age, there may be dangers. Debilitating diseases usually come in the 40’s, and there is danger especially if you are hypertensive.

When my sister from Canada visited, five of us sisters went night swimming in the hotel’s pool, then right after the swim, we had sauna for only five minutes.

From 2 to 6 a.m., I had to go to the bathroom to pass urine four times. My blood pressure shot up.
My BP used to be 160/100, but it has gone down to 130/90 for three months already prior to our sauna.
So, it is not safe if you’re in your middle age or older. Look to what happened to the two finalists in the sauna contest, DEAD!


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