“But, be apprised as well, my Dear Ones, there exist those, who are hired by the intelligence services of the U.S. Government, whose sole directive is to stir up strife, to spread lies, misinformation, distortions and half-truths! The main goal if these Satanists, who employ them, is to cause dissention in the Body of Christ and to scatter the Sheep! Therefore, my Dear Ones, be wise; for Satan has been cast down and he is in a great uproar to steal your heavenly inheritance! Indeed, a great war is going on for your soul; and this war is replete with every kind of chicanery! Therefore,even more than ever, it is now imperative that we all walk humbly and as little children before our Lord and God, even with fear and trembling!” – Linda Newkirk



About idasolis

A retired corporate personnel, a natural health practitioner.
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