“Oh, they rejoice because of their ‘easy victory’ in Iraq. But, I tell you, My Child, that this is no victory, but a lie. And, when they least expect it, a coalition of Iraqis and Arabs of other countries shall rise up and you shall see an utter bloodbath. Yes, My Child, the ‘fake Jews,’ the very ones, who worship Lucifer, are at the helm of this war ship. Do not be deceived by them; for these very ones hate the real Jews and plan again to annihilate every one. This World War III is being staged to bring in the antichrist and false prophet, who will rule out of Israel. All, who applaud this war, applaud the antichrist regime. All, who look upon this war with lust for blood and more blood, are on the side of Lucifer, whether they know it, or not. But, the wise ones will not support this Luciferian war; for it is a war for utter control of the world.” – Master Jesus


About idasolis

A retired corporate personnel, a natural health practitioner.
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