“Beware the Greys!”

“My Child, listen to Me. I AM GOD! I AM THE MOST HIGH! I AM THE CREATOR OF ALL! Through My very hand, I am able to delay this planet. I am able to speed it up and I am able to slow it down. I am able to protect whole cities and whole continents from devastation. Therefore, My Child, only I know what areas are safe and what areas are not safe. I tell you now that I shall protect large areas for love of two or

three of My Faithful. And, I shall totally inundate and destroy whole cities and large coastlines, even island areas, because of rampant rebellion. Yes, My Child, Niburu, the Lost Planet, is near. It is very near and billions of people do stand to perish. But, I shall never forsake My Faithful. I shall never forsake My Loved Ones. Father in Heaven




About idasolis

A retired corporate personnel, a natural health practitioner.
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