“America is Fallen!”

Rogues, thieves, murderers, child molesters and those, who are full of every kind of chicanery, have overthrown this republic. It has been a slow and systematic process; but know, My Child, as I told you weeks past, “America is truly fallen!” Your liberties, which were once safeguarded by your constitution and Bill of Rights, are gone! Your congress is a policing board in name only! Every dark and foul deed on the New World Order agenda is rolling forth upon your backs like a mighty steamroller. Those of you, who believe that you still have freedoms, are among the blindest of them all. For, you have no freedoms under the current system. America has fallen, just as surely as a lead ball, when it has been dropped to the Earth.” – Father in Heaven


About idasolis

A retired corporate personnel, a natural health practitioner.
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