“The Assignment”

‘You are entering into a space of immediate blessings and immediate punishments. For just as soon as rebellion enters into your lives, you will see immediate punishments. And, just as surely as you obey Me and live faithfully and according to My dictates, you will quickly see My rewards, My great blessings and miracles in your lives. For, the great repercussions of your behaviors, be them good or bad, will now come back and strike you like a rubber band, like a snare, or they will return to you like a showering light of blessings. When all seems to be going wrong in your lives, look to self. Analyze your own behavior and repent. Come full circle back to Me and you will see your lives turn around. This is called Divine Retribution. – Father in Heaven



About idasolis

A retired corporate personnel, a natural health practitioner.
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