“Our Father Opens the Heavens!”

“Yes, My Child, I know. Many believe that the devil has orchestrated the attacks of 09-11-01 on the USA. But, I tell you now as I have told you previously: I orchestrated these attacks; for it is I, who controls this world. I am the Creator of all and I have orchestrated this destruction. I control Lucifer and I allow him to rise in these end-times, that each of you may be judged as to your faithfulness. It is time that you wake up to this; for I am Creator of all. I set the universes in motion. I created all life forms; and I always bring judgement upon a proud, stiff-necked and arrogant people. I am judging the USA and I am judging the whole world; for wickedness has taken over and the masses have loved wickedness. They have forsaken Me and most churches the world over are bone dry. “ – Father in Heaven


About idasolis

A retired corporate personnel, a natural health practitioner.
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