“God’s Judgement will soon fall on the Mormon Church”

“My Little One, ignorance is not a blessing. It is a curse. I would not have Mine to follow around as blind sheep; for the wolves of the devil are looking to harvest the blind sheep. I tell you now that the Mormon Church is full of blind sheep. They willingly do as they are told without questioning; for blindness is accepted and encouraged as a way of life. They are kept in place and threatened about going against the ‘Only True Church.’ But, I say to them all, ‘You had better open your eyes to your plight and for your own salvation you had better seek refuge under My hand of safety; for therein is your truth. Yea, truth shall set you free if you will truly seek truth and be willing to give up a lying network of false security and fraud, which has been perpetrated against you. But, if you will not seek to be free with all your heart, you will remain a captive of Luciferian false doctrine and slavery.”- Jesus



About idasolis

A retired corporate personnel, a natural health practitioner.
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