“Keys To The Nations”

, I see a volcano blow; and I hear the words, “like unto that of Popocatapetl;” and ash and smoke and molten lave fill the air. People try to escape and some make it while others do not. Cities are burned and claimed! Then, another volcano erupts, “likened unto that of Kilauea,” and houses are consumed and the sea is full of molten lava. Then, a third volcano blows sky high and this one is “likened unto that of Mt Fuji in Japan,” and the top of this mountain is blown clean off. Huge boulders fly high into the sky and ash and fiery stone fly out for miles. Molten lava and boiling water and steam pour forth and I hear the voice of the Most High God Jehovah say, “Only three of Seven!”


About idasolis

A retired corporate personnel, a natural health practitioner.
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