Clinton’s Downfall, the Truth about the Murder of Princess Diana & more

“My Lord, was Princess Diana murdered?”
“Child, she was murdered, just as surely as the Pope worships Lucifer.”

“Who orchestrated it?”
“Whose name did we just mention in reference to England?”

“The Queen? But, My Lord, the bodyguard was drunk.”

“Not as drunk as you have been led to believe. Those in high places have brought this about. Those in high places, working in collusion, have brought this about, and the whole truth will never be known. Remember, Child, those with enough money get whatever results they wish. You have had enough experiences with labs to know how they can lie. Understand that she was killed due to enmity between the Queen and Dodi’s Father. This was planned and executed well by secret order of the Queen. “



About idasolis

A retired corporate personnel, a natural health practitioner.
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