The Cave Man

The self-proclaimed king is wise as the owl, cunning as the fox and slick as the snake. ‘Get in the rotunda now! It will happen! I will make it happen,’ he growls. Immediately, a person in black, who looks like Darth Vader of Star Wars, takes a sword of light and strikes it across a large, standing army. Quickly, the soldiers begin to fall until only one-third remains. Then, the wannabe King goes after the Red Horse, who carries the red flag with the star and the half moon. He orders the Darth Vader look-alike to throw a ball of white fire into the midst of the Red Horse; and it causes a great burning of flesh. ‘Nuke them into nothingness,’ the King commands. And, those of the Red Horse are nuked. They are the Chinese!”


About idasolis

A retired corporate personnel, a natural health practitioner.
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