Yahweh, Most High God’s Covenant with His People, Part 2


Some Words from the Father:

But, there will come a time, and soon, that if you must stop to ponder whether you have done right or wrong, you will be so far behind spiritually that you will not be able to receive your inheritance of eternal life. For, there will come a time when you will not have enough time to purify your soul, to purify your heart, and to purify your spirit so that you will be ready spiritually to make the transition. For, darkness within will be a stumbling block to all, who want My promises of eternal life.

  • The more pure you are, the whiter and brighter you are, and the easier it becomes to operate out of pure love. Then, you are the law and the law is you, but you are also free of the law and the law is free of you; for you have also risen above it. The law is within you, ‘tis true,’ as I have stated earlier, but love, even so surpasses the law.



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A retired corporate personnel, a natural health practitioner.
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