GOD’s HOLY WAYS or the Enemy’s

“Do you want ME and MY Ways, MY HOLY WAYS or do you want the world? I have but one thing to say: choose the world and you can have her. She is a cruel mistress. She will draw you into her inviting arms as you caress her—then she strikes. You are caught in her net of deception and lies. You believe every word she says. You are caught and captured and loosed into hell eternally, once you have succumbed to this captivator—MY worldly opponent. Many fall prey for eternity. There is never any turning back. MY ruthless enemy has completed his task, to drag MY children away to their eternal destinies, to hell where they will never be rescued and must live in this horrible condition for eternity. Do you understand the gravity of this MY children? You can’t think about eternity—it is unending, never ending.” – JESUS


About idasolis

A retired corporate personnel, a natural health practitioner.
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