Man’s Destination: Heaven or Hell

When the time of chastisement is here, purgatory will no longer exist. There are only two places as our eternal destination: heaven or hell. 

Hear the cries of those in purgatorywhose relatives refuse to pray for them believing that there is no purgatory, or simply have forgotten them, busy in accumulating material wealth on earth.

Messages of our Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary on purgatory

“Purgatory is a great sense of loss and suffering of banishment, but eased by the knowledge of an end that will lead to Heaven.” – Jesus, August 5, 1976

Veronica – I’m now looking beyond the gates. They’re the gates I saw when Our Lady released all those wonderful, happy people. But now as I look beyond the gates I see many people. But they are in a condition I … it makes me very unhappy to see. They are very illuminous and glowing. They seem to glow an orange color, like they’re burning. 
And their arms are all raised up, or outwards towards the gate. And now I hear cries. Many voices are crying, “Spare us, O Lord! Quench the fires of thirst within us.”
Oh, now I hear a voice. It’s avoice of a woman; she’s an elderly woman. She’s crying, “Virginia, Virginia, why have you forgotten me?… 
I see now two who have sort of floated up towards this gate. And they’re looking out, and they’re asking, “Please. Two Masses for me. There is no one to release me. Please, two Masses for me.” Oh! “Robert, Helen, two Masses for me.” – February 10, 1974

“The numbers going into purgatory, My child, have become few, and those entering into the Eternal Kingdom of joy are even fewer. Whatever shall become of Our children?” – Our Lady, August 14, 1975

“And where has your charity of heart gone now for your relations and friends passed on into purgatory? Were I to reveal to you how many are now chained by your lack of prayers in purgatory, would you be moved with pity for them if I could show you how they beg and thirst for you to release them?” – Jesus, September 7, 1979

“I also tell you this, My children: On one Saturday of the month, I shall take out of purgatory many souls, if you will save them.” – Our Lady, November

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