Contraceptives/Reproductive Health Bill

[The birth control mentality] means the abandonment of self-control over sexual urges; it implicitly authorizes sexual promiscuity – Cardinal Cahal Daly of Ireland

the Philippine legislators and the Church is still at loggerhead on the issue of the Reproductive health Bill. May they be enlightened.

The Word of God has not been changed, Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever. Technology and science, has made life easier. Because man is so busy piling up money after money, multitasking, to achieve man’s goal, in fact so busy that he wants to do away with the stumbling blocks to his getting ahead of the rat race, to the point of controlling the number of children through these inventions of contraceptives. Where it will lead to? Promiscuity, this will be followed by legalization of abortion, a heinous crime, and eventually the degeneration of moral and destruction of families.
We don’t want the “educated and liberal” Catholics, but the Catholics who have the wisdom coming from God.

Mexico had 47,000 abortions after it was legalized.

Let’s not experience the wrath of God. Most countries who are going against the law of God are experiencing cleansing.

Below are the statements of the different Popes, and other statements

Pope Paul John II

The Holy See … believes prevention through education about the sacredness of life and the correct practice of sexuality, that is chastity and faithfulness, is necessary above all other things in order to prevent this disease responsibly,” the 84-year old Pontiff said in a written address….
It says promoting the use of condoms to fight the spread of AIDS fosters what it sees as immoral and hedonistic lifestyles

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