The University of Texas Shooting and other School Shootings

University of Texas shooter was quiet, smart

(CNN) — By some accounts, University of Texas sophomore Colton Tooley was brilliant in mind and respectful always in his behavior to others. Read More

We have seen suicide and massacres happening in school campuses. What could have caused it? Was it depression, isolation, family abuse, uncaring attitude of the parents, dysfunctional families, exposure to violent video games, pornographic materials,which make the young people desensitized.

Parents are so engrossed with making money, that they have relegated the rearing of their children to nannies. They work hard for the families’ welfare: want to send their children to good schools, give the best things for them, but neglecting the children’s value formation.

Not knowing what the children are reading or who their friends are, you would get the shock of your life as to what they might end up.

Below are some of the university shootings done by young men in school:

Charles Joseph Whitman
(June 24, 1941 – August 1, 1966) was a student at the University of Texas at Austin and a former Marine who killed 16 people and wounded 32 others during a shooting rampage on and around the university’s campus on August 1,

Read More


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